SEO Optimization Services
On Page and Off Page SEO, CPC Campaign, Social Media Marketing, Backlinks and "On Demand Service" to suit your Business Goal.
On Page SEO

• Keyword research

• Keyword search analysis Global, local, competition and relevance volume

• Website type document analysis

• Optimization of title tags

• Tag optimization meta description "According to page content"

• Keyword tag optimization

• Optimization of header tags for all important pages

• Italic and bold character optimization

• Price: $ 149 + VAT

Off Page SEO

• Local Listing

• Social bookmarking

• Blog comments

• High PR site links

• Video presentation

• Classified presentation

• Image Sharing

• Document sharing (PDF and PPT)

• Creating social profile

• Submit article

• Price: $ 249 + VAT

Duo Pack

• Promo Package

• On Page Package

• Off Page Package

• 2 in 1

• 50$ Discount

• Price: $349 + TVA

Business Marketing Solutions
Search Engine Optimization Prices
SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) to deliver more leads and sales to your website.

Price: on demand

CPC Campaign

Improve the performance of your advertising campaigns with our CPC Solutions.

Price: on demand

Personal Offer

Full website analysis of your competitiors so we can build the best strategies for your company.

Price: on demand


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